The Artifact Borg Cube ATX – Intel Edition


The Artifact Borg Cube ATX takes after our Limited Collector’s Edition Star Trek: Picard Borg Cube ATX, only this one is for those who just want the case with no frills.It is a full size custom PC case measuring 15″x15″x15″. It supports full ATX motherboards, 3 full-size graphics cards, a full-size power supply, and liquid cooling. It uses standard PC parts so you can customize it to your needs, and add your own “technological distinctiveness” to it, to make it your “number one”. It’s a case made by fans, for fans, and has giant fans (airflow!).
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Dimensions: 15″ x 15″ x 15″
  • Includes:
  • x3: 120mm Green LED Case Fans
  • x3: 3.5″ Drive Bays
  • RGB LED strips for all 3 forcefields
  • Supports:
  • ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX Motherboards
  • PSU: Up to 1000w (depending on PSU length)
  • 120mm x 120mm or 120mm x 240mm Radiators
This model does NOT include certain features of the Star Trek: Picard Borg Cube ATX:
  • fiber optic lights
  • hand-painted detailing
  • extra accessories
The Artifact Borg Cube ATX is proudly made in the USA and hand-crafted to order by our very own team in Los Angeles, California.

From: $1,090.95

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